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YubiKey and Office 365, a password-free combination

YubiKey offers a high level of security with the best user experience to protect your email and information in Office 365. Authentication is done with a single click or touch with a simplicity that users appreciate.

  • Protects against phishing and attempts to hijack user accounts
  • Authentication is quick and easy for a smooth user experience
  • High ROI - Reduces the number of support issues associated with password reset

The reality

Cloud-based email is a top attacking vector for phishing

Cloud applications and Office 365 are one of the main targets of phishing attacks due to their popularity. Attackers find that exploiting human error is much more effective than targeting the system's vulnerabilities. Over 99% of the attacks target end users.

Circumstant user experiences affect the adoption of MFA

According to Microsoft, less than 10% of users have activated MFA in their corporate accounts. When users need to switch focus to another device or need to enter cumbersome codes, they choose to avoid MFA.

High costs hurt IT budgets

When IT departments enable cumbersome authentication methods, the helpdesk is flooded with support issues that create high costs and a poor ROI.


YubiKey offers a very secure and easy-to-use authentication solution for Office 365.

Modern authentication for Office 365

YubiKeys offers the most advanced authentication to protect Office 365 accounts and utilize the latest standards-based protocols with the highest security levels.

Phishing-resistant and proven

Proven to stop account takeovers from phishing attacks. YubiKeys offers the best security for both IT administrators and end users. Hardware-based encryption combined with native activation ensures that even if a user may be scammed, YubiKey will never be scammed.

Friction-free user experience

With a simple touch, YubiKey logs in a user without having to shift focus to different screens or having to enter cumbersome one-time codes. Logins are 4x faster and end users appreciate the user-friendliness.

Return on investment

YubiKey is easy to distribute and manage because users can register their security keys themselves. One result of this is that Yubico customers have greatly reduced helpdesk costs.

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